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By Rod Beckwith
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Dear Pay-Per-Click User,

As you may know...

Thousands upon thousands of searches by your potential customers are taking place at this very moment...

But, here's something that may shock you AND soon fill your bank account...

 According to Google:

10-20% of those searches are misspelled EVERY single day!

What does this mean to you?


When you learn how to tap into ALL misspelled searches (from this short report), you significantly increase your targeted traffic at a fraction of the cost!

In fact,

By ONLY Missing A Few Heavily Searched Misspelled Keywords You Are Losing Out On A Treasure Chest Of Targeted Traffic...


I just checked my website traffic logs and had to thank you. It's been only 7 days since I started to use "Misspelled Keywords" and the web traffic has been grown by over 23% already!

I now realize how much traffic & money I lost before I used it. This software is brilliant! Please stop selling it...You're giving away Gold!

Maayan Marzan

Think about it.

 If your customer types in "Vermont maple sirup," instead of "Vermont maple syrup," he or she is still looking to buy the same product...

He just can't spell or type...

...And as you probably agree,. these are NOT good reasons to let your competitors listed in the search engine have your customer's money.  However,

You face a difficult problem...

Even If You Spend Hours Of Your Time To Brainstorm Hundreds Of Misspelled Keywords, You Are STILL Going To Miss Thousands Of Words...

...Some that may be worth a fortune by themselves...

But together add up to 10-20% more sales...

...Leaving you with more money to expand your pay-per-click presence and beat your competitors every time (A secret to the success of some top performing affiliates)!

Yet, despite the power of misspelled keywords to stomp competitors into the ground...Today,

There Is Just No Easy Way To Figure Out If You're Missing Out On Priceless Keywords...

Even Google, Overture, or the popular keyword tools Word Tracker and Good Keywords don't have a tool for you to identify misspelled keywords...

Hi Rod!

I've owned your program for three days now and can't say enough about it.

Not only is this a GREAT concept, but the results are phenomenal! It never would have occurred to me that people would... or could... find so many ways to misspell keywords.

Or that Overture would have them listed.

Bravo! This adventure has been a real eye opener.

Thank you for the bonuses, you could easily sell them for the same price as the Misspelled Keyword software. You are as generous as ingenious.

Thanks for all that you do.



You're software is AMAZING! I found 36 misspelled keywords from my one keyword. People do misspell and mistype words all the time and you just saved me a ton of time as a marketer by doing all the work for me. I now know which misspelled keywords to use in my campaigns as the listing tells me exactly how many searches were done for that particular word. This saves me from guesswork and wasted time.

Your complimentary programs are priceless as well. The Keyword Harvester, Rhyme Smith and Keyword Bird give me so many ideas for my target market and how to market to my niche using other avenues I would never have thought of without the keyword generation. Any business owner who is serious about using keywords as part of their marketing campaign better add this to their arsenal as there is currently little to no competition using this strategy.

I look forward to version 1.2 as i cannot imagine outdoing the original!

Audrey Ranieri
Author of "49 Free Ways to Start-Up Capital" e-course


All this means to you is:

Your competitors have stumbled onto a few of these words and are now are stealing your customers...


The words are competition free -- giving you an opportunity to dominate  each keyword for more money in your pocket... because it costs less to acquire each customer!

Rod, you've done it again...

Another Awesome tool to make my marketing tasks much easier. One little known way to explode your marketing efforts is to use misspelled keywords in your PPC campaigns. But the manual research to find out which ones are worth it is a true pain. With your software - it's as simple as point and click.

Thanks for saving me long tedious hours of work!

Scott Britner

Let me ask you a question...

What would you say if there were a solution that found EVERY possible targeted misspelled keyword imaginable in minutes...

...To allow you to IMMEDIATELY increase your pay-per-click sales by 10%-20%?

Well, Now You Can!  Stop Spending Hours Brainstorming... Instead, Get Results In Minutes!


Keywords Misspelled...A new automatic tool that allows you to type in any keyword and instantly generate every single logical keyword typo and phonetic mistake...

Then, to see if you've found a winner, it shows all traffic for the keywords in the previous month from the search engine Overture!

Plus, you just copy and paste your words into 5 different formats to pop-in to your pay-per-click campaign...

It's so quick and easy, you will be capturing more sales in as little as 15 minutes from now!

"Words That Don't Even Show Up In Google Or Overture Keyword Tools Are Now Some Of My Most Treasured!"

Dear Rod,

I've just set up my first campaign using your Misspelled Keywords Software and I am shocked by the results...

Words that don't even show up in Google or Overture keyword tools are now some of my most treasured! And the best part is...

I was able to generate thousands and thousands of these underutilized words in about 15 minutes time!

I can't believe nobody thought of creating this tool before you. I'll be using it on EVERY single campaign in the future to get a leg up over my competitors!

— Hans Klein, WealthStarters.com

Let me give you an example of how it works:

Just For The Term 'Vermont Maple Syrup' I Uncovered 20,202 Misspelled Search Terms... All In Under 1 Minute!

Now, keep in mind most of the words probably won't get a single hit most months with Overture.  However, even if they only get 1 clickthrough every 2 years, you would still generate 10,101 new potential customers a year...

So, if your site converts 1% of traffic, you would make an additional 101 sales!

...And 101 new customers are worth more than just the first product you sell them... the real money is in the follow-up sales for years to come!

Here's What The Product Did For a Few Lucky Folks Who Beta-Tested The Tool Before Its Release:

Within seconds Misspelled Keywords generated a HUGE list of keywords that 99% of my competitors would never think of using for Pay-Per-Click campaigns!

And there's little or no competition for many of these keywords. That means I can easily dominate hundreds of #1 positions for only $.05 a click!

Jeff Alderson



This software is amazing! I've already generated over 10,000 Misspelled Keywords in less than an hour and have started to see some traffic for one of my affiliate campaigns! I know without a doubt this ingenious tool will pay itself off many times fold and save me time that would've otherwise been spent thinking up keywords.

  For anyone reading this right now....all I can say is that if you don't already have this software, you're likely losing a lot of targeted traffic that could've been yours.

Misspelled Keywords = More Traffic
= Cheaper Traffic
= More Profits
= Less Competition
= Saves Tremendous Amount of Time
= and much more!

Mike Delrue


The results speak for themselves...

...Here's Exactly What You Are Able To Do With Your Personal Copy Of Keywords Misspelled:

     Generate endless variations of keywords to make sure that when somebody misspells a word, he or she will see your ad!

  Receive hit counts for each keyword or keyword phrase from Overture to determine if you've found a winner!

  Instantly save and export misspelled lists in 5 different formats to make sure it takes less than 5 minutes to get your thousands and thousands of words into just about ANY PPC! (Formats include Html, .csv, excel, text and access)

  Use your built-in notepad to jot down million dollar trends and ideas!

Find alternate spellings of your keywords with a 3500 word built-in alternate spelling dictionary to make sure ALL profitable words are found!

Select what type of mistakes you want to find for misspelled keywords with the quality you desire!

Quickly identify your serious money-making keywords with the ability to select a minimum hit count!

Automatically receive the Top 200 keyword searches every week to ALWAYS keep you up-to-date on profitable trends to cash-in on!

Plus, every single month, you get the top PPC Resources to make sure your campaigns are performing up to their full potential!

Even though this tool is power-packed full of the ultimate fine-tuning features, there is only one question you should care about...

How Much Extra Cash Are You Going To Start Pumping Out Of Pay-Per-Click Search Engines Today?

Right now, I want to put the power of this tool into perspective for you...

Let's say you generate 25 sales a month through pay-per click search engines at $49 a piece, for a total of $1225 in sales.

If you were to increase sales by ONLY 10%, you would make an average of 2.5 extra sales for an extra $98 EVERY single month!

That total then adds up to an extra $1176 a year!

Plus, much more of your money becomes take-home profit because you have very little competition on bid prices!  You will...

 Rise To The Top Over Your Fiercest Competitors!

The best part of using this tool is gaining a competitive edge over those with competing products...

...Because when you begin to capture customers otherwise going the other way you get a fatter bank account,

While competitors must struggle to keep their campaigns profitable!

Right now, you're probably wondering what this tool is going to cost you.

And Considering...

The Amount Of Money It Produces For You...

...And, other keyword generators without the power to uncover these golden words within minutes cost $251.51 a year.

We considered charging more than a hundred dollars...

But, since we want to make this product affordable to the over 150,000 Pay-Per-Click advertisers and blow any competitors out of the water, you can lock-in at our test price of only $67. 

After this introductory offer, the cost will only go up to find the number that produces the most sales... and we don't know if the price will ever return to this starting offer.

To claim this introductory offer, all you have to do is click Here To order via Our Secure Order Form! All of these payment methods are proudly accepted...

For your own personal copy of...

Just Click Here To Order NOW And Get Your Digital Copy Instantly!...

Just Be Sure You Act Today!

Because, even as we speak...

There are 150,000 advertisers using Google Adwords alone... As a result, to make sure that this tool does not become overused, we intend on releasing ONLY 15,000 copies with these features...

This Equals out to about 1 copy for every 10 advertisers... and that doesn't even take into account the hundreds of other Pay-Per-Click Search engine users...

...And, if at any point during the sale of these copies I notice the tool getting overused from my own personal use and customers' use, then I will limit this number even further to make sure this largely..

Secret Source Of Traffic Remains Intact For Your Benefit...

...And since I expect to sell these copies very rapidly because of the massive promotion surrounding this product, I highly recommend you grab your copy TODAY!

Just click Here NOW and cash-in within minutes!

Plus, You Can't Lose With Our...

Ironclad 90-Day “No Questions Asked” Guarantee...

Just take 'Misspelled Keywords' for a 90-day test run, and if you don't see a significant increase in traffic from your Pay-Per-Click Campaigns, you can ask for a prompt "No Questions Asked" refund at any point from 90-days of your purchase...(The highest guarantee our secure payment processor allows us to offer)

Plus, as our way of saying 'thanks' for trying us out, you get to keep ALL of your bonuses!  With this deal, you have nothing to lose... because if it doesn't live up to your expectations, you get your investment back. Just be sure you act right NOW to take advantage of this risk-free opportunity to profit!

But, That's NOT All... If You Order TODAY, You Get These Exclusive Bonuses... Worth Over $184.00!

...Because although this product is valuable enough by itself for what it costs, I want to give you an offer so irresistible you won't want to wait another second before giving our product a try...

...With these 6 killer bonuses giving YOU maximum Pay-Per-Click Profits in minimum time!...

Bonus # 1 - FREE lifetime program upgrades to make sure your investment is protected... and that our competitors will NEVER offer a better product.

And, with this bonus, you should know this promise: I will not abandon my product, nor you as my customer, as I believe strongly in treating both with the utmost respect! (A $67 value every time you get an upgrade)!

Bonus # 2 - Support guaranteeing you WON'T have any trouble getting rolling, even if you're new to computers! - This includes an electronic manual, support videos, and around the clock, friendly email support (A $37 value)!

Bonus # 3 - "Keyword Bird" -  A powerful new keyword generator that gives you every possible keyword or key phrase imaginable.  So you will have thousands of cash pumping keywords to instantly pop into your Pay-Per-Click campaign (A  $19 value)!

Bonus # 4 - Beckwith's Poor Spellers Dictionary – With over 22,000 common misspelled keywords it will reveal valuable untapped markets for you to capitalize on with misspelled keywords. Plus, you can use it to help you become a more efficient writer (Normally retails for $15)!

Bonus # 5 - Rhyme Smith Software - This fun little program allows you to write more effective Pay-Per-Click ads... because rhyme often allows you to say more to your customer with less words!  Perfect for creating ads that pull (A $19 value!)

Bonus # 6 - "Keyword Harvester" - Have you ever wanted to instantly spy on your competitors keywords... and never have to go to their site?  Well, with this tool you will instantly come up with thousands of keywords that your competitors are currently using to making money on... This means most words you get are proven to work  (A $67 value)!

Just click Here now to start enjoying these bonuses this instant!

The Bottom Line Is This...

Millions of people are making typing or spelling errors everyday...

So, why not take advantage of that fact?

...Because if you don't... Chances are your competition will...

So, do yourself a favor and order Here before we are forced to stop accepting new customers or the price goes up!

Just click Here now to order via our secure order form.

I look forward to delivering you a product you will treasure for ages!

To Your Success,

Rod Beckwith
JV Expert, Publisher and Inventor

P.S.  There are many keyword generators out there.  The problem is that they usually don't give ANY misspellings, and, if they do, they only give a few. 

With this new tool, you get thousands and thousands of ONLY misspelled gems to make sure you capture the 10%-20% of misspellings for your product taking place at this very moment...


This software is EXCEPTIONAL. It's easy to use, saves mountains of time, and will absolutely pay for itself in no time. Why? Because people are prone to make mistakes, and your software covers ALL the possibilities anyone could ever make.

This is an incredible tool for any marketer who's serious about increasing his/her's bottom line by capitilizing on these misspellings! Thanks a ton!

-Mike Wirth

So,  if you want to begin capitalizing on others' honest mistakes to gain a positively unfair advantage over your competitors, do yourself a favor and click HereNOW!

P.P.S.  The advantage of Keywords Misspelled is best summed up like this:

With the power of this tool at your side, you immediately take your current Pay-Per-Click campaigns up to their full potential - to ALWAYS make a profit...

Then, once this occurs,

You are now onboard a giant wave to cash-in on all of other major pay-per-click search engines, with your wave crashing down, pouring more money into your pocket!

Just click Here to ride your wave to success!

P.P.P.S.  Wait! Before You Read On...

Do You Have What It Takes To Optimize Your Pay-Per-Click Profits?

The reason I ask is very simple.

Most folks are running their campaigns blindfolded... because they often don't turn a profit for their campaigns - when they can so easily if only they used the right keywords...

So, for that reason, I put together a report separated into 3 'bite size' days entitled:

"Insider Secrets To Finding Pay-Per-Click Keyword Gold To Increase Your Product Sales Or Become A Top Producing Affiliate!"

You may soon consider it your ultimate guide to coming up with keywords that produce results!

Here's what the course contains:

Part # 1 - Why choosing the right keywords will make or break your pay-per-click campaign - and the picture you MUST have to ALWAYS turn a profit!

Part # 2 – How to generate thousands of sales pumping keywords with my top-secret list of FREE keyword generators and optimizers!

Part # 3 – How to test your keywords and weed out the ones that waste your money to guarantee a profitable Pay-Per-Click campaign!

As you probably know, many marketing products offer a free e-course.

So, let me be frank, this course IS being offered to increase the conversion rates of keywords misspelled. BUT,

This report is NOT just a big pitch... Inside, you will ONLY get hard-hitting content to show you insider -secrets to picking keywords that produce results...

Because I know that if all I do is sell to you, I may get a few sales, but not nearly as many when you get content that produces real results for you...

So, With that said,  I hope you will take me up on this nothing, but content report...

Just enter your name and email address RIGHT NOW!

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About Me... Or Why Misspelled Keywords Was Developed For YOU!

My name is Rod Beckwith, and I have been using the Internet since 1988. 

Soon after, I was to become one of the first 50 employees of Netscape where explosive success lifted off ...

Since then, I've moved on... to some other very successful ventures and a few less successful ones.  But, throughout all of these experiences, I've developed relationships throughout the internet community...

...And with these learning experiences in mind, I set to develop Misspelled keywords -  to help internet marketers get the most out of their Pay-Per-Click Campaigns!

My goal for you is to help make your marketing more profitable...Because one thing I've learned in my experiences is that relationships are always more beneficial for all when you help others become rich...

...So, when I help you make more money with this product, you are more likely to be a customer for life!

I look forward to working with you when you order Here!  If you'd like to get in touch with me, here's how:

Rod Beckwith
1040 Grant Rd.
Suite 155-169
Mt. View, CA 94040

Ph/Fax 1-650-747-9301

Email: Rod Beckwith